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Changes I made are not showing on the site?

The problem

You have edited a post or a page, you have saved all your changes but the changes do not appear when you look at the website front end.

The explanation

To make your site oober fast we use something called caching. Caching basically creates static fixed versions of your pages so that every time a user wants to see a page it does not have to be built by the database. This saves the user a lot of time and you a lot of data usage on your site.

The reason you will not be seeing your edits is that you will be looking at the old cached version of the page. To draw a comparison, you take a photo of your new kitchen to show me to save me having to actually come round to your house to look. You then paint your kitchen a new colour, for me to see that I would need a new photo to be provided as I am still looking at an old version of your kitchen before the changes were made.

The fix

  1. Log into your site
  2. Go to the front end and navigate to the page you edited
  3. At the very top of the page in the black admin bar look for a little diamond symbol and mouse over it
  4. Click on “purge this page” then refresh the page to re-cache it
  5. Now you should see your edits

If you still do not see your changes you may need to clear the cache in your browser whether that be Chrome, or Firefox or whatever else you use.

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